Patricia Cordaro DaiglE | Owner

A friend asked “Why Fairfax?” So, I thought I would share the short story with all….

My grandmother, Concetta Cefalu Wilson, aka Cherry, aka Meme, lived on Fairfax in Shreveport until I was 13. I spent a lot of time with Meme and a lot of time at the house on Fairfax. I learned so many things from Meme…how to cook, how to sew, how to wrap a present, how to manage my finances, that you only buy real leather purses and shoes that have leather soles.

Meme passed away just after I started dreaming about opening a fabric store. Meme was always there for me and my family. I miss her everyday and love her more than words can say. I hope she is proud and I know she is with me every step of the way.

I was initially going to name the shop after my two sons using their middle names, but Fairfax Fabric Company felt like a more perfect name for my new business.

Concetta Cefalu Wilson

    Concetta "Cherry" Cefalu Wilson
  My Meme